Bitmap clock

Just got bored a bit and I’ve made a clock out of 6 decade counters and 7segment encoders. I’m starting to realize, that how much simpler it is to program these simple things rather than design their hardware.


Update: Here’s clock V2.0. It is built entirely out of synchronous master-slave T flip-flops with synch’d clear. This way the circuit is much simpler. (And at least I finally know, how it works. :D)


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2 Responses to Bitmap clock

  1. Ryan S. White says:

    Cool clock! Hardware is almost like the next level below assembly. It’s faster, more power efficient, and smaller but definitely takes much more time to build and debug.

  2. realhet says:

    It still bothers me that I don’t know how these 74160 counters work exactly :S
    I searched some info and now I know that this clock is using synchronous counters but I connected them in asynchronous mode.
    So I wanna redesign it to be simpler 😀
    Here’s what a 4 bit counter with synchronous clear looks like:

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