GCN ASM Groestl coin kernel

Fast Groestl coin miner kernel for sgminer 5.1 written in GCN assembly.



MH/TFlops is the efficiency of the kernel regardless of the hardware. There are 3 speed categories:

  • 1.5: ocl Cat14.9
  • 4 ocl Cat14.7
  • 5.4 asm    and latest ocl cat14.7    /*Well done! 😀 */

Note that asm still has a little room of improvement: the first/last round optimizations.

Download binary kernels

  • You can download binary kernels from here.
  • Make sure that the chip name is the same as your card (eg. Tahiti) and copy the binary kernel next to sgminer.exe.
  • Run sgminer.exe the same way as before with the “-k groestlcoin” parameter.
  • If the binary for your card is not found on the link but you managed to compile it, please send me the new binary with additional benchmark information (card name, how many cards, catalyst ver, engine_MHz, OCL MH/s, ASM MH/s, maybe power consumption). I’ll update the list. For instructions please see details below.

Downloading source, and compiling the kernel for a specific GPU

Please refer to this blog post for details:
Instructions: Compiling and running the ASM Groestl kernel in sgminer 5.1

Technical information

If you’re interested, here are a series of blog posts I made during the development of this kernel:
Implementing Groestl hash function in GCN ASM
Optimizing Groestl hash function in GCN ASM – Part 1.
Optimizing Groestl hash function in GCN ASM – Part 2.
Making the GCN ASM Groestl kernel to run inside sgminer 5.1
Testing the GCN ASM Groestl kernel using sgminer 5.1


7 Responses to GCN ASM Groestl coin kernel

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  2. Udi Ten says:


    I have few questions regarding the wavefront optimization where can i contact you?
    are you active here?

    • realhet says:

      Hello, I’m here. I’m a bit outdated now (3-4 years without GPGPU), but maybe I can answer those questions.

      • Udi Ten says:


        Thank you for the fast reply is there an email i can send you ? I have many questions regarding the binary kernel and wavefront (I am looking into to do on the fly or dynamic wavefront) I also have an offer that you might be interested in 🙂
        its just I think alittle bit too long to put for a “comment” 🙂

        Thanks in advance,

      • realhet says:

        Hi, I’m on hotmail, under the name: real_het

      • Udi Ten says:

        I sent you an email I hope it reached you

  3. realhet says:

    Yea, I’ve received it, and replied to it.

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